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Addiction of drugs!!!


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Saturday, December 25, 2004

The Causes Of Addiction

The causes of addiction

Causes that lead women to addict on drug:

1- The security of the country is one of the reasons that make the number

of addict women are increasing cause the abundant of drugs all over

the country. In addition, there are many ways that the drug enter the

country and some times those ways are too easy more than we can

imagine. For example, drug dealers smuggling the drugs overseas,

this is one of hundreds ways of smuggling drugs.

2-The social problems that the woman opposition in her life and also her

rlationship with her friends and family. First, weak personality is one

of these social problems. When the woman loss the trust of herself or

even when she feel depression, the resort to the drug is the solution to

forget in her viewpoint.

Second, the lots of free time is another reason to addict specially for

young women and teenagers. After studies that expert made, they

found that most of young woman feel bored and there is nothing to

do, they do not have a purpose in their life, so they use the drug to

have the fun and enjoyment. In addition, divorce is one of the causes

that lead to addict. When the woman get a divorce she feel lonely

that because she losses the personwho support her. Also she found

herself with a lots of debts so she become an addict.

Finally, the most important reason for addiction is that the influence

of bad friends. Some times the women uses the drugs to be axceptable

to a certain group or some times they take it as a competition between


3-The financial situation that the woman have in her life. The rich bored

woman can get drugs too easy, any time any where. While the poor

woman is obliged to sell the drug as a way to get money and buy drug

also for her self which that leads her to not only an addict but even

a dealer.


Statistics of drug-addiction

Statistics of drugs crime upon the women:

The statistics of year 2003 of women who prepetrator drugs crime are
29 of women in ratio of 2.49% from the aggregate drugs crime.

In addition, there are 20 women who had cases of drugs in women
Jail. That’s also there are 37 women convicted in drugs cases 18
From them convicted as addict (taking drugs).

And 3% of them in mental hospital from the aggregate lodgers.


Friday, December 24, 2004


What do we mean by addiction ???

After the researches we found a suitable definition for the word addiction

Addiction: is an illness in which a person seeks and consumes a substance, such As alcohol , tobacco and a drug which is causes harm for human.

And we will discuss the drug in specific instead the other substances. In describing this problem in Kuwait, the brigadier Abdulhameed Al-Awadi said" if we want to talk about the drugs in Kuwait , we have different types. We have hashish, marijuana,
heroin and afyoun which they call opium- this is a big problem. "

And this is true, we are facing a serious problem cause these drugs killed our youngesters, children, fathers and even our mothers.In our discussion we will talk about women who addict on drugs.Women is take an important position in the society, and she is playing an important part in human life.


Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Drug photo

Drug Identification Coca Leaves and Powder

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Monday, December 20, 2004

Information about solution of addict drug (internal security)

Jan.2,2002: Kuwait Police has arrested a man suspect of selling Heroin mixed with sand. The drug caused 15 death so far. Kuwait is really facing a drug problem. It is estimated that 20 % of High school kids use drugs of some kind...



"Drug Photos"
this is the link which have in side many kind of drugs
also,iwill post many information for that,for example,iwill write paragraph of
" Effects of Substance Abuse for women"

The effects of substance abuse can be felt on many levels: on the individual, on friends and family, and on society.
Ontheother hand,Sharing hypodermic needles used to inject some drugs dramatically increases the risk of contracting aids and some types of hepatitis.
there was some information of"Effect of substance Abuse for women".
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Dr.Greville H Gundy MB. ChB MRC Psych. DBM Consultant Psychiatrist,/Head of the Addiction Unit Psychological Medicine Hospital, KUWAIT
Emeritus Consultant Psychiatrist Springfield (University)
Hospital London U.K
Mobile No:9523012
Fax No:965-4835650
The Case Files of all New Referrals to the Addiction Unit registered in 2001 were scrutinized (No.2786-3153)i.e.,n=168
146 New Male Referrals were studied in depth
-The majority (over 90%)were kuwaitis
Marital status
Employment status
Educational status
-Only 10%Higher Education
NOW Details of grugs used
-Alcohol(in combination)-48%
-20% one drug only -80%Polysubstance abuses
The number of female addicts is very small only 3.5%of total new referrals.

summry of one solution about take part inconference.

(Dr.Ahmed,Nov24.Cairo) said kuwaiti non-government organizations taking part in the event are the committee to combat drugs of the kuwaiti society to counter smoking and cancer, the national committee to fight drugs,"Bashaer AL-Khair:, the patients assistance fund and the international Islamic Charitable Organization. Participants from all around the world including kuwait will present 05 papers at the conference, he said.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Jan.28, 2004: Kuwait is becoming un-safe country due to the high rise crime rate. It is not safe even to walk outside the house in a residential neighborhood at night. Drugs , rapes , stealing and other crimes are very high to such a small country. The corrupted and un-qualified Kuwaiti government are not able to handle the internal security of the country. Most of the criminals are Bedwin and bedoon and are members of the military or police force.....
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The corpses started appearing about every other day in December. Most were discovered in hospital parking lots, but a few were tossed into trash bins or abandoned in parked cars....=>
there was some information about DRUG ADDICTION GROWING IN KUWAIT iwill use that information later in our presentation for group#3 and i think it usefull information for any one who want to know more information about drug addiction in kuwait;)
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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Final Project Introduction

Hello every body, I'd like to talk a little pit about our final project & give you an idea about it.
We are going to talk about drugs-addiction, in specific about women who had addict on drugs in Kuwait society.We will show the causes that lead these women to addict & we will show the effects of drugs-addiction on these women. In addition, we will try to find solutions for this problem.I wish thatI give a clear idea about our final project & thanks for visiting us.


Nonverbal behaviors usually occur in package like eyes, hands and other emotions in the body. In addition, verbal and nonverbal reinforce each other. But it is physically difficult to express an intense emotion with only one part of the body.

Summarized by


Nonverbal behaviors involve hands,eyes and muscle tone of the body usually occure in package.Also,verbal behaviors and nonverbal behaviors reinforce each other.Emotion with the face only is difficult than with all body to understand it.